Sunday, 4 March 2012

Something Old, something new

While going over the course project, I reviewed what I have done with technology-related method in teaching so as to implement the project with something I haven’t tried before. I have used PPT a lot, but not necessarily an interactive one. I created a class site with Google.doc and ended up with an unsuccessful experience. I know that there are several reasons leading to the unwanted result. However, I keep wondering if I prepared my students and myself well enough before I introduced something new. Neither most of my students nor I myself have adequate knowledge of how to use the site. I am still not very familiar with all the features of the tool until now.
     I am lucky to have the chance to get exposed to so many useful web skills through this online course. I was very excited when seeing the task this week. I have long wanted to create online exercise games for my students because interesting ideas of practicing grammar rules or evaluating students’ reading comprehension pop up from time to time. It’s not easy to directly download one that fits my students learning or levels or vocabulary ability online without some adjustments before I use it in class.  The only frustration comes from not having enough time to try out everything. I took a peek at Anvill, registered but still felt vague about using TCast.  I was really packed with two workshops, three speeches to prepare for the next week and getting the final project draft together with doing peer viewing over Zun’s. I wanted to be cautious and helpful with Zun’s project.
My only hope is that after the course is over we can still access to the website at or we are given some more time to upload all the useful sites to the Delicious page. 36, 48, 52! I am a curious explorer! I would like to expand a day to 36, 48, or 52 hours.

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  1. Yes! Yes! I hope to get access to our course site after the course too. I also feel like 24 is not enough for me but definitely not 52. :)

    P.S: I love your blog!

    With love,