Friday, 16 March 2012

The journey begins.

·                      The end of the ten-week online course has drawn near. In late January 2012, I created my first reflection blog, naming it Web2012 spring fun. I am glad that I did have fun learning and growing professionally. Of all the web skills or online resources presented during the course, Rubric star are the most useful to me. I had been exposed to the technical terms of Webquest and rubrics before the class. I was terrified by the “complexity” of these two. However, the above-mentioned websites easily ruled out the difficulties. Hurray!
·                  For my classes, I will use PPT most often and I will strengthen the part of making it interactive. Nothing introduced in this class is irrelevant, at least to me.  I am curious about what the other colleagues would suggest for us to have looked at.
                 This is the end of the online course, but a journey to begin, a journey to add more digital essence to help the students with their learner autonomy. If teachers nowadays are preparing our young generation for 22nd century with knowledge we don't even know exists, building the students with skills to deal with what comes up in the future should be our contribution in educating them.
digital citizen to be

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  1. Gladys, our journey began 10 weeks ago but it's a lifetime journey now. It's challeging and at the same time very rewarding. I hope to see you again online to continue sharing and learning from each other. Take care, Nando