Sunday, 26 February 2012

Week Seven: Where do the birds perch?

Taiwan Fulvetta, Alcippe formosana,
 formerly a sub-species of the Streak-throated Fulvetta,
 Alcippe cinereiceps.
Photo Credit: pseudolapiz

        Learner autonomy is covered in Week Seven. I gained a detailed “checklist items” to adjust my way of teaching any classes where learner autonomy is expected to happen from the article shared by Hilal for sharing the article, "Developing Responsible and Autonomous Learners: A Key to Motivating Students " at I don’t see my students to be either birds in the hands or birds in the bushes. I would rather equip, share or guide my students with the skills to fly high so that they have control over their journey of discovering the world. By the time they leave my classrooms with abilities cultivated, I will only wonder where they perch and what fun they are having instead of worrying about their having no destination.
     As for one computer classroom lesson planning, I have to say this is the most common technology-related implementation in my teaching. This is nothing old-fashioned only if I can build up more interactive activities to have the learning objectives met and the students involved.
     I have formed peer-viewing partnership with Zun for my course project. She is a great young lady. I believe we will not only have active interactions but also become close friends. The big challenge for me is to try out Web quest and rubric application in class as I have planned and the priority goes to get the draft completed by next Wednesday.
     Anna from Finland accidentally left a message that was meant for Vilma on my blog. The A&B cards she mentioned aroused my curiosity. I already asked her for further information. As the great Chinese educator, Confucius said, “ Among a group of three, we can definitely come to someone to look up to as an instructor .”

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  1. Hi Gladys
    I totally agree with you that the learners final destination should be a teachers great concern.We are facing a very big challenge here in Kenya.A very big number of students are left out doing nothing for themselves after school.Those who did well in school and have gone for career trainings have no jobs and those who did not do well in school are also out there wondering and being ideal. these contribute a lot to drug abuse. The Kenyan nation is loosing a lot of youth to drugs which i feel if the teacher were more concern in the learners final destination it would have made a great change to individual and the nation at large