Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week Four---spring fun

2012 is the year of Dragon in Chinese society. The New Year Celebration has come to an end and tomorrow is Lantern Festival. School is starting on Feb 8th though I already had classes with the ninth graders.
 Time fleets! It always seems that a week just started yesterday, and then you suddenly notice that another week is there for you to explore. This week we went over some sites focusing on reading and writing or multi-skills. It’s almost impossible to carry on an activity without involving all the four essential language skills. I clarified some of my blind sides in doing class activities in the wired classroom while reading the article by Jarek Krajka” Using the Internet in ESL Writing Instruction” ( It is a reference resource I can come back to when I have different genres of writing assigned to my students.  I surfed a couple of websites the colleagues shared on Nicenet and got some more ideas on lesson planning. However, too much advertisement did bother to a certain degree. Now with so many useful and interesting websites shared by the colleagues, the only but big issue will be the lack of time to go over all the websites examining which ones fit the purposes of the objectives for different lesson plans.
     I also figured out the exact steps to create stacks and add links on my Delicious. Com page instead of getting it done randomly. I have to say my old computer has some blame to bear. It crashes whenever it is in the “mood”! Poor computer. It has serious virus problems from the USB I plug in after I upload and download documents from public school computers. The virus problem is constantly annoying and irritating.
      I finally started to build up my blog a little bit, adding in my personal file info, sharing a photo of peony grown in Taiwan. From Next week on, I am going to share my favorite phrase or quote I read about from books or even my brief reflection from every encounter. The blog is more than an “academic” blog. It’s my journal of daily life and it will be something full of growing and changing memories to look back to. After almost two months of rainy weather, we have had three sunny days in Taipei. The winter sunshine! The lively atmosphere of the advent of spring. It’s spring fun!

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