Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week Three(with Week two to catch up)

I left the tasks and assignments undone for Week Two except a comment by Wednesday. It was all because of the Chinese New Year, a great holiday to get together with family and friends together with all the house cleaning up and feast preparing. Week Three is still a tight-schedule one because students of different ages were holding class reunions with their room teacher invited. Gladys Yeh it is! :P There are students graduating ten years ago and there are also students graduating twenty years ago. They came with their babies! What adorable creatures!!:O We had such a great time together. Thanks for their love. Their notes and cards for my birthday carried so many sweet memories back to their junior high school days. I have to say being a teacher is really a blessing. You get the chance to change a person , to touch someone's heart ,to comfort a wounded heart and to lead the way of a stray mind.
      Of course all the fun meant staying up late for the last minute reflective blog to be completed. While doing the reading on CALL, I came upon so many useful websites for listening and speaking. I downloaded plenty of interesting worksheets for grammars and vocabulary reviews. Why laboring so much to work out different worksheets for the students all by myself while there are so many available creative ones online? I just need to go over the handy supplementary teaching material and do some editing to fit my students’ needs.Voila!I can spend more time on my lesson planning of applying the webskills I have learned so far. As for the creating of page, once again I have experienced the amazing “Cloud” technology. I just opened my Drop box account and are starting to upload my photos and exchange some feedbacks of a workshop in early January, Then this week I got to know convenient it is to gain access to my favorite websites anywhere, anytime! As for the sample project, I have to admit that the content of the project by Camelia Pagila from Romania stunned me in the very beginning by her 22-page long project report. I was “relieved” to find that not many others ran such a huge project report as she did. But she definitely is a hard-working model to follow.
      It was a pity that I didn’t have enough time to go over everyone’s posts on Nicenet so I didn’t have much to contribute or share. Nor did I visit more colleagues’ blogs except Rade’s so as to have more interaction and communication. I am so desperate to join in, but maybe my first priority is to go over everything covered in Week Two first. I am not an expert blogger yet with so much more to explore . I did add in several bookmarks to my However, it seemed that I got it done by accident! I need to dig in to learn more about how to enrich mu blog and “investigate” the proper steps of adding in the bookmarks to my page.
 Overall, this has been a wonderful week with fun, delicious food,friendship and love , and learning and Australia Open(the only pity is that the champion is not Nadal! Sigh!)   

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