Sunday, 15 January 2012

     Although I have been following a blog called Connecting Classrooms hosted by a UK teacher from London, this is the very first time that I created a blog of my own. YES! OF my own. I am excited but somewhat edgy at the same time. I am already writing a reflective post of my first week on my blog. However, I am still so unaware of how to make my blog more unique "me". I love viewing blogs of  illustrators from around the world, but  I just log in ,aprreciate their works, and log off. So it will be a wonderful start to "decorate" my own blog .
     I totally agree that "Reflecting about teaching helps a lot with improving teaching." However, unless the reflecting part has become something I can "see" or "read",in the end, there's just little change to be made.  I always do the reflection , adjust the teaching a little bit and  get overwhelmed in the routine hustle and bustle.
      Truth be told, I have vague idea about what to apply to my class from what I have been learning this week except that I can create a blog for my students to post their feedbacks or whatever they would like to share about their schooling . My students and I have already been doing a lot of sharing over Facebook about their daily life but noting academic. Maybe through blogging, I can encourage my students to post their problems with their learning so that I can quickly spot their difficulties and then offer them the assistance they need . I am still thinking and wondering.


  1. Dear Gladys,
    It is nice to meet you. Your post is great and the most appealing thing you said above is the encouragement of your students to post their problems and about spotting their difficulties.
    I look forward to share the ideas and experiences with you and our other classmates.
    Kind regards...

  2. Hi Gladys, nice start to your blog! I think with time you will probably discover lots of pedagogical applications for using blogs with your students. The more familiar you become with a tool, the more possibilities you can see!


  3. Hi Galdys.
    Good blog ! Some things are difficult at the beginning but this is a good start. I hope to know more about you.

    See you on line !
    Best regard.